Thursday, December 29, 2005

Arab- and Muslim-American Population: a Venn Diagram

Okay, I'm actually devoting some time to this blog again. To begin with, I constructed the following Venn diagram, based on my posts about the Arab-American population and the Muslim-American population:

The diagram is only meant to be approximate; totally accurate statistics are very hard to come by, as the sources I've linked to indicate. Still, I think it might be helpful to see an illustration of how Muslims are in fact a minority of the Arab-American population, and that Arabs are actually a minority of the Muslim-American population.

What's the point? I've got three:

1. Did you know any this before reading this blog? My guess is you didn't. And the purpose of this blog is to inform.

2. The profiling of Arab-Americans seems to be a rather inefficient expenditure of resources, since about three out of four of the persons profiled are Christian, and thus highly unlikely to be involved in Islamist terrorism. What's more, you'd only be targeting about one in four of the American Muslim population. And that's all before you even address the question of whether the people you're after are only a tiny minority of the Muslim population anyway.

3. The American Muslim organizations who may like to think they speak for all Arab Americans clearly don't--and they very likely don't even speak for the majority of American Muslims. But you'd have to search far and wide in the media to find this out.

Comments welcome.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Article About Arab-American Christians

Turned up this interesting article at Christianity Today.