Thursday, July 21, 2005


Word this morning there have been more incidents in England.

I can't fathom the desire and willingness to attack innocent people, whether by suicide bombings or not. There is no justification--NO JUSTIFICATION--for such atrocities.

As I said in an earlier post, I've never known any Muslims. I imagine that most of them are good people, and, like me, are horrified by what they're seeing.

That said, they are going to have to face facts: while other religions and peoples have committed terrorist attacks, right now it is members of Islam who are committing the vast majority of such attacks across the world. Muslims everywhere--and everyone everywhere--who oppose such horror must take a stand.

The willful killing of innocent people is a despicable, depraved crime, and everyone who believes that must do what they can to prevent more killing.

No religion, no injustice, no misdeed by another person or country or faith, no amount of desperation for whatever reason can ever justify terrorist attacks.


Blogger ORIKINLA said...

I also heard the latest reports.

These sons of the devil have sold their souls to satan.
They have not even regretted the evils they have done and they continue in their hellbound hate-war.

Please, go and read the command that their founder gave themm on

8:12 AM  

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